We have been working with design for a long time using it for various documents (such as new design for passports) as well as for Vehicle registration plates new design. We have a lot of design works for governments of different countries.
We professionally versed in these products from different countries - features, standards, traditional designs and much more. Most of the design elements are accepted, some are under negotiation.
We are talking about the development of the design of various documents, including passports and car numbers for different countries.
A very limited number of people are professionally engaged in such issues in the world.
We cooperate with various companies and organizations involved in this area in addition we always aware of all the events in this area. Most of them are in touch on an ongoing basis on various issues: consultations, cooperation, research, etc. Our design work has been nominated for the world-famous Red Dot Design Award and a number of others. The works have no analogues and are patented in the international patent system.
We a lot of design work for different governments and international organizations - at the moment more than 25.We are ready to offer you our ready-made solutions and we can also develop a completely new design for you based on your desires, as well as the traditional design and standards of your country
For each case there is a special technical specification and documentation - it can be submitted after the approval of a certain design of Vehicle registration plates / Passports by the authorities & governments of countries. For some countries a special system has been developed for use further old numbers in a new system of numbers and letters.